Arts & Heritage Department, Southampton City Council


Arts and Heritage Department, Southampton City Council (Sea City Museum, the City Art Gallery, Tudor House).

To use ' Visual Design'  to increase visitor numbers and spending at heritage sites, at the same time as increasing the quality of the visitor experience and the opportunities for research and discovery by learners of all levels.

Southampton Solent University have developed a close relationship with newly opened Sea City Museum and have contributed to the temporary exhibition space with various visual design projects. Following the opening of Sea City Museumand the increase in visitor expectations due to the new museum's innovative displays, the Arts and Heritage are keen to explore opportunities to add to the visitor offer at the City Art Gallery and Tudor House. Southampton Solent University are exploring different platforms and approaches to the City Councils long-term plans. Including exploring new ways of presenting information to the visitor, increased access to items from collections, the creation interactive or other displays designed to appeal to younger audiences.

Expected outcomes:

  • The project will cumulate in the development of prototypes and products for the City;
  • Increase in visitor numbers;
  • Increase quality of visitor experience;
  • Students gain industry experience;
  • Research and knowledge development.