Arts & Business Connection

By setting up intensive 1-to-1 interaction processes between artists/creatives and (traditional) industries we hope to stimulate surprising new business developments (product, service,…). Traditional companies often lack creativity. Creativity can help solving a puzzle or a problem. Looking at challenges and problems in a more artistic/creative way (thinking outside the box, with no boundaries, no limitations…) is a source of inspiration. Most entrepreneurs still have a more traditional way of thinking. On the other side we have the artists, who are easily caught up into their creative process  and forget to do business. Hopefully a collaboration can inspire both sides of the party. We will focus on the matchmaking, the process but also the end result, and aim for a long term relationship between artist and company.


On one hand the creativity level in the company will be enhanced, on the other hand the entrepreneurship and economic awareness of the artists will improve. This creates a win-win situation.

Target groups

1. Companies that are willing to make the experiment to interact with an artist. 2. Artists who are willing to step into the experiment to interact with business players. We aim for artists who are active in visual design.
* mapping of interested companies and relevant artists: 2012
* set up and facilitate contacts: beginning 2013


Annelies Claes: – (0032) (0)14 71 11 29