Virtual Incubation

The visual design industry and the creative industry in general is a young industry with al lot of small enterprises and relatively new businesses. Throughout the years SPK has developed and gained  knowledge and expertise in supporting and guiding entrepreneurs, especially SME’s. It is our ambition to translate that knowledge to the creative industry. We will develop tools and methods, organize workshops and coaching cycles.    By mapping and implement other existing support initiatives (nationally and internationally) we hope to stimulate even more economic development in this industry and guide and support local and regional entrepreneurs in the most effective way. The way of working is bottom up and top down: we will offer guidance and support best fit to the needs of the target groups. 

Our main goals is to enhance entrepreneurship and support (new) business development. The regional innovative capacity will increase by improving the entrepreneurial skills of entrepreneurs.  

Target groups
Creative entrepreneurs

* mapping out existing support needs (nationally and internationally): 2012
* develop/start up (new) initiatives:  beginning 2013  

Nele Leirs: – (0032) (0)14 71 11 18