Kempen Creative Industry Network

SPK is experienced in setting up and supporting a network of SME’s in the region. Throughout the years we developped  good networkinitiatives that are popular and attract a lot of entrepreneurs. Most of them are content driven. Creative people/entrepreneurs learn a lot from each other. They feel comprehended when they are in a group with people who have the same goals and needs. They are bounded by one common building material: creativity. By building a strong and cross sectoral creative entrepreneurial network, our creatives will have a safe environment to explore each other skills and learn from each other successes and failures. It will also be the gateway to an international network which we aim to set up in this VIVID project.  

Enhance cooperation and entrepreneurial skills of the visual design and creative industry in a rural area such as the Kempen.  By building this network we set up an initiative that is sustainable and continuous, even after the projectperiod. 

Target groups
- creative entrepreneurs
- start ups
- creative and innovative representatives from more traditional industries
- cultural organizations
- artists

- mapping target groups and existing initiatives: 2012
- start up first initiative: spring 2013

Ellen Bisschops: – (0032) (0)14 71 11 19
Nele Leirs: – (0032) (0)14 71 11 18