Festival of Creativity

Turnhout is cultural capital of Flanders in 2012. The city also celebrates its 800th birthday. The whole year around all kinds of cultural activities will be organized in Turnhout and its surroundings. Sustainability and participation are keywords for the organization Turnhout 2012 whose challenge is to organize and coordinate this birthdayparty. The party will officially end in December 2012 but they hope that initiatives, collaborations and ideas will last until 2020!
One of the highlights in 2012 is the Festival of Creativity. Cultural and creative organizations, companies, schools, universities, artists etc. will showcase all their assets and skills to thousands of people. Not only creative Belgium takes the stage in Turnhout, there is also room to showcase innovative services, products, etc. to the public. The whole city will bath in one big cultural, creative and innovative atmosphere. The festival is a joint partnership between Flanders DC (lead partner), Turnhout 2012 and SPK. 
The goal of this activity is to introduce a broad range of people to a mixture of industrial innovation and cultural and creative industry, and to present crossovers. It aims to be the best of the best experience.  

Target groups
Visitors: entrepreneurs, educators, students, policy makers, intermediates, etc. in short everyone (Flanders, The Netherlands,…)interested and/or involved in creativity - the exhibitors: artists, cultural organizations, creative entrepreneurs, performers, innovative/creative companies, universities, schools,etc.


The festival will take place on the 10th and 11th of November.

Sarah Beyens: sarah.beyens@spk.be – (0032) (0)14 71 11 19
Ellen Bisschops: ellen.bisschops@spk.be – (0032) (0)14 71 11 19