VIVID Closing Conference

On September 18, 2014, around 150 people attended the international VIVID closing conference hosted by the City of Breda of behalf of the nine VIVID partners. Amongst the attendees were designers, governmental organisations, entrepreneurs, companies, startups, incubators, knowledge institutions, universities, students, artists, cultural organisations and representatives from Interreg.

The conference marked the end of a three year European cross border co-operation set to explore three themes around Visual Design. Firstly the economic benefits  of knowledge and research: particulary how design can stimulate economic growth and the role design plays in enhancing business and innovation. The second theme looked into the promotion of creative entrepreneurship. Finally it looked to showcase the results of the project.

Atfer a wake-up call by AvansUniversity Sint Joost and the opening speech by alderman Bob Bergmamp, chairman of the VIVID International Steering Committee, the kickoff was done by Martijn de Waal from the University of Amsterdam. Through his talk, Martijn explored the way digital and mobile media are changing the way urban life takes shape and how we experience our built environment.

The second presentation was done by Loren Roosendaal, founder and CEO of IC3D Media, a Dutch studio that develops interactive simulations, training solutions and (serious) games. In his presentation Loren talked about the way how state of the art game technology can be used to empower organisations and allow them to train their personel in virtual enviroments.

Researcher Koos Nuijten focused on the way eytracking can be used in retails.

Just before the lunch break, the attendees were treated to the premiere of the VIVID-film. The film made by Breda based studio Animate The World shows the results of the VIVID project being told by the various participants.

In the afternoon, there was a project market where visitors could experience the latest trends in visual design and visual technology.

At the end of the day, the VIVID Guideline was presented. One of the tangilble results of the co-operation, the magazine is accessible and stimulating to everyone who has an interest in visual design or visual technology. The magazine not only showacases the results of the VIVID project, but also focusses on current state of affairs iof visual design and visual technology. The design of the magazine was done by Breda based studio Staynice.

The VIVID-project would like to thank all participants in the conference and speakers for making such an interesting day.

Although this was the closing conference of the VIVID project, the partners have plans for the future. During the conference, they've signed a Declaration Of Intent for Further Cooperation.

If would like any information on VIVID, please send an e-mail to