SPK was founded in the late 80's as an initiative from local captains of industry and politicians. Throughout the years we transformed ourselves into an organization that believe that the Kempen has enough opportunities to facilitate more economic growth, social progress and preservation of nature and natural resources. Today our mission is to collaborate with partners and to grab those opportunities by initiating, guiding and realizing renewable projects. This is our contribution to the transition of the Kempen into a sustainable, attractive region.

The Kempen region is a region with a lot of strengths:
- Traditional industry: manufacturing, nutrition, building/contracting industry, agriculture
- Health and care
- Heritage
- Preservation of natural resources

Within this VIVID project we aim to detect and map all creative entrepreneurs in the region  and their skills. We will guide and support their business and grow ambitions. On the other hand we want to detect needs and problems within our region strengths. We hope to set up best practices in which we can combine our region needs with the skills and assets our creative industry has to offer. In that way both sides of the party will benefit and we will make our region more sustainable. The VIVID partnership will give this ambition an international boost.


We will start by examining and inventorying this particular branch of industry to detect specific needs and business opportunities. Our main objectives:
  • Identifying and mapping of business opportunities for the creative and visual design industry in the Kempen region.
  • Setting up and monitoring 'best fit' network concepts taking into account the rural aspect.
  • Setting up and facilitating contacts between artists, the creative industry and innovative SME's.
  • Introducing and showcasing a mixture of industrial innovation, visual design realizations, creative industry elements and crossovers to the large public during the Festival of Creativity (9-10 and 11th November 2012).