Intelligent Media Intermediary

The latest generation of mobile phones are called smart phones. But how smart are they really? Do they know you? Do they know what you want and when and where you want it? In principle it should: the devices contain information on your calendar, your location, your surfing behavior, your interaction with friends in social media, your bookmarks, the apps you use and even bank account en payment information. But still it doesn’t utilize the full potential of this rich source of data. The phone knows you, but it doesn’t understand you.

The Intelligent Media Intermediary project has the objective to improve the smartness of smart phones, by building a platform that delivers recommendations to its user at the right place, at the right time. In doing so the platform delivers new possibilities for commercial parties as well: the aim is to build a device that targets offerings in the most effective and at the same time non-intrusive way: at the moment the user is interested. The IMI platform will be a platform open to third parties: they can develop apps that make use of the intelligence of this platform.   The two movies explain the concept.