Breda offers NHTV assignment Incubator

City of Breda offers NHTV a € 500.000,- assignment in order to develop Incubator programme for games 

At the end of the summer an incubator facility will for game start-ups will be realised at the campus of NHTV. The city of Breda has asked to develop such a facility and budgeted €500.000,- for exploitation and further development of plans. 

This week the major and aldermen of Breda have decided to offer NHTV the opportunity to establish a Incubator facility for game companies in the city of Breda. The facility will be realised on the premises of NHTV University of Applied Sciences. 

A detailed agreement, with details on deliverables still has to be decided on. NHTV and the City of Breda will joint develop the agreement. In the proposal NHTV has written a three-year exploitation of the facility, next to development of a business plan for sustainable exploitation has been proposed. The budget has been found. 

For the city of Breda. The establishment of the incubator fits in the housing policy for small-scale enterprises. They see gaming as an important opportunity for Breda to develop new business opportunities. The quality of graduates of the Game Architecture and Design programme, contributes highly, according to the letter send to the municipality council. 

The facility will be realised on NHTV premises, but is open for external parties as well. The facility will consist of development studios, meeting rooms and presentation facilities, as well as a support and coaching programme for start-ups. The intention is to do this together with Dutch Game Garden, a foundation with incubator facilities in Utrecht and Hilversum. The aim is to realise the incubator by the end of the summer.