Coded Matters; Extended Senses

On Sunday June 1, FIBER and Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond will present the seventh edition of Coded Matter(s), titled Extended Senses.Intelligent technology grows around us and towards us as an extension of the body, both visible and invisible. The computer has migrated from lap to pocket. A wave of networked watches, glasses and implants is launched at technology trade shows and through sensors we are able to explore our environment in new ways. What are the possibilities of these new developments? And what are the dangers? 

CMDBreda exposes the Sense of Smell project at this event in Amsterdam. Sense of Smell is an international co-creation and research project designed by  Communication and Media Design Breda of the Applied University of Avans as part of the European cross-border network VIVID (Value Increase by Visual Design). Within this project, teachers and students explore the amazing world of the possibilities of scent. Their aim is to rethink and prototype the possibilities of scent for strategic communication, way finding, storytelling, interaction and media design. A ‘scent printer’, which will also be used to create the sound/scent experience of FAMOUS DEATHS is one of the products being developed in this project. Sense of smell is on-going and is currently developing prototypes for interactive installations, sensual experiences and immersive events. All research and development will be documented and will be published in a book of ideas, concepts and engaging new thoughts on the subject of smell.