Cas d’Ecoles –“ School Case” - 2012 at l’Imaginarium

The Image cluster Pôle Images is organizing in June 2012, the second edition of an event dedicated to the young graduates from its training network.

June 2011 Plaine-images (Roubaix-Tourcoing-Lille Métropole) hosts Cas d’Ecoles, an exhibition which showed over seventy different works of young graduates from the twenty one “Image training institutions” of the Nord-Pas de Calais region. The event offered an opportunity for networking amongst the training organizations, meetings with regional companies for the young graduates, and several other network opportunities between the different "families" of our cluster: companies, researchers, creative students... the general public was also invited to discover the exhibition on one specific day.

Cas d’Ecoles 2012,
an appointment in “3 steps” in an exceptional place
This year's event runs from 28 to 30 June 2012 with three major events:
  • June 28, 5-8 pm : mixing students and their institutions
  • June 29, 9 am-6 pm : meeting between students and companies and professional meetings
  • June 30, open-day for general public
(During these three days, the presence of selected students is highly desirable) The steering committee is studying a possible extension until July 7 to promote specific encounters between graduates and companies, and increase access to the general public.

Cas d’Ecoles 2012, 2 goals
  • regional companies measure the strength and the quality of training institutions
  • students and companies create conditions for more regular meeting (contacts, internship, collaborations, entrepreneurship ...)
  • the general public discovers graduate projects…
An unifying appointment  
Different from an exhibition, Cas d’écoles 2012 wants to show the general public and companies,  the qualities of future professionals, already contributing to the manufacturing process of new images, and new stories during their graduation projects.

The meeting of Image sector graduates
Graphic artist and engineers, designers and computer scientists, artists and filmmakers. Tomorrow, they will work in teams, create new companies, or will be associated to generate innovative projects.

Cas d’Ecoles 2012
Show the very wide variety of future professionals' profiles, and the opportunities they represent for the companies. The exhibited works will take most diverse forms: objects or interactive works, documents or movies, web doc or reports, posters or photos, publishing... How can you participate in 2012? Please designate a project coordinator within your school and make a proposal including 3 or 4 student projects (please give priority to young graduates or those who will be in 2012). Before April 6, the project coordinator transmits the proposal to Pôle Images, by completing a form called “fiche projet”. This form contains school contact details, project coordinator and student profiles.  These elements are essential to valid the practical and technical terms of the participation, and will determinate the final selection on May 6.  

2012, A European outlook 
As part of the European project about visual design VIVID (Interreg IV A Two Seas),  Cas d’Ecoles 2012 will have the pleasure of presenting students from northern Belgium, the Netherlands (Breda) and England (Southampton and Cambridge), as well as some close neighbours from Flanders and Wallonia that are not in this Interreg program.

New edition, new location
The 2012 edition will take place in the Imaginarium (Roubaix-Tourcoing-Lille Métropole). With the ambitious renovation of an industrial building, Imaginarium is a multidisciplinary place devoted to Image in its all forms and networking. It offers two levels of modular spaces (almost 1.800m²), where large events can be organised with public visibility:  In this way, Cas d’Ecoles 2012 will contribute to the first season of this “experimental machine”.  

Marnix Bonnike
Phone: +33 320 28 26 49