Youth project on visual design and visual literacy

This project is an international knowledge exchange project with partners Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge), Rencontres Audiovisuelles (Lille) and Solent University (Southampton) for primary and secondary education with the purpose to make the connection with professional educational institutions (continuous learning program visual design). In 2010 and 2011 we invested in developing a digital platform ( for cultural education. In 2012 Breda, in collaboration with international partners, will start to develop a common digital product or application that can be used by students and or teachers. The purpose is to enhance the visual literacy of children and youth to increase their knowledge and skills in the area of visual design.

The ultimate goal is to interest more students in visual design and to encourage them to make a choice for professional education in this sector. In order to maintain young talent for the city / region and to stimulate them to have a career in this field of expertise we cooperate closely with higher educational institutions and the local field of business. Another important partner is the ‘House of Visual Culture’. Finally, of course, we seek collaboration with other projects part of VIVID, both within the city of Breda and internationally.