Centre of expertise in Visual Design

The purpose of establishing a Center of expertise is to strengthen the economy and stimulate innovation in businesses and institutions by offering both scientific and applied knowledge. Obviously, it is a major challenge to develop the applications of visual design in the industry. Therefore there is a considerable importance of international cooperation between education and business. The Centre of expertise also provides the opportunity to present knowledge to various markets and generate revenue, startup incubators to encourage international exchange and gain experience on this level.
The Centre of expertise develops in phases. Initially, a formal network of knowledge institutions and other partners will be realized. Then, we investigate how we can stimulate employment, innovation and economic growth.

With our partners, stakeholders within the various regions will be categorized. This is the foundation of an international network. The keyword here is knowledge transfer. Partners of this project are: the city of Breda, House of visual culture, the Breda Chamber of Commerce, Southampton Solent University, ARU Cambridge, NHTV and Avans Pole and Images. On top of that, cooperation will be sought actively with Breda, English, French and Belgian companies operating in the sector.