Digital Solutions

Visual design allows complex processes to be more understandable by visualizations. The project Digital Solutions is a research project in collaboration with the Breda Chamber of Commerce. Sectors that need innovative visual design applications are indicated, as good as their willingness to invest in visual design and the opportunity to increase employment, turnover and economic growth.
The industries included in the study are considered the economic pillars of the region (such as chemicals, logistics, biobased economy, maintenance and health care). When the potential market is found, we will examine its needs. Also, trends, market opportunities, customer needs and desires are researched.  

Based on the results above, 1 or 2 branches will be selected for which a application most suitable will be developed. The available budget is a maximum of € 50.000, -. On the condition that the concerning commercial party doubles this amount so that a project of € 100.000,- can be realized. Partners in this project are: business and industries, the Breda Chamber of Commerce, House of Visual Culture, the city of Breda, international partners and higher educational institutions.