AVANS: Visualizing information

AVANS Communication & Multimedia Design (CMD) focuses on three projects within the VIVID network: Visualizing information, Way-finding and Product and services innovation Lab.
Visualizing information
Our main goal is to develop tools, knowledge and expertise for information visualisation that i.e. support decision making, hold narratives about certain issues and that create better meaning in understanding data. In the information age, the vast flow of data and information is both a blessing and a curse. Information leads to knowledge and understanding, helping us to tackle important issues. On the other hand, both the quantity and the nature of available data has become so overwhelming and unmanageable that we can’t rely on our own cognitive skills to process and extract meaning from this data any longer. We need other instruments to come to some sort of translation, structuring and understanding of data, like visualizing information.

Contact: Ria van Ooijen (h.vanooijen@avans.nl)