AVANS: Way-finding in public space

AVANS Communication & Multimedia Design (CMD) focuses on three projects within the VIVID network: Visualizing information, Way-finding and Product and services innovation Lab.

Wayfinding in public space
In this project we experiment with future application of way-finding, ambient findability and information literacy, architecture and new media in public environments. Both from a designers and engineers perspective and from the perspective of the authorities and corporations, there are exciting new ways that can be developed to support people in finding their way during their stay in public and corporate places and communicate/interact with them.

Key in this process is a to obtain deeper understanding of the user of the space and their interaction with the surroundings, as well as the communication objectives of the ‘owner’ of the place; pointing visitors in the right direction, giving the additional, relevant information and create mutual understanding of purpose, intentions and directions.

Contact: Ria van Ooijen (h.vanooijen@avans.nl)